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So, I think (read: hope) that I finally found a creative outlet... please don’t let this jinx it 🙏

So... this weekend was, what for many would be a monumental occasion, it was mine and my boyfriends 7 year anniversary! Exciting, I know. Not really monumental for us, we are the casual types who high-fived, got on with our days and then marked it by ordering a Wagamama’s... wild I know.

However, it was monumental in a different way. We finally completed and delivered a project that we had worked on together. Therefore proving that we could. Therefore opening the door for more working together.... now that is monumental.

Why am I telling you this? Well, in my usual rambling fashion it will all make sense in the end.

So as many of you know from my previous posts, I work in digital marketing. Part of this is social media and content creation management for my company. However, I am not a creative. I am a marketing person who has absolutely no idea how to use photoshop (🤭)... I am a strategy girl. I’m great at the business side of things... what your message should be, what audience to aim for, content plans, caption writing, paid social, organisation, legal etc... however I don’t make the stuff.

I think a lot of non-marketing folk don’t realise these are two separate roles/skills. They expect people to have both... and some lucky buggers do! But in my experience, you are often vastly more skilled at one than the other... even if you can kinda do both.

My boyfriend (JB) however is a creative. Through and through. He is the epitome of a creative, he even has a beard and wears flannel and worked in Shoreditch production houses. His main skill is video, he is a camera man, editor, sound person... you name it. But he also does full Adobe suite (photoshop etc) and animation, has worked in TV and film... basically, he’s really good... you can nosey here if you fancy.

However, we have never been able to work together. I am a manager and he does not want to be managed by me 😂

But... this year (yes I’m finally getting to the horse bit!) he sadly lost his job due to Covid. The production of all films stopped and as he was working in film at the time, he was furloughed and then laid off... sad times!

Well actually, not really. I’ve been telling him to go freelance for years as he was spending 1/3 of his salary a month commuting to London to work for someone else... where is the logic?! But now he had a push and had to, so off he went. In his first 6 months he has made bank! At one point he directed, produced, filmed, edited and animated a whole 7 part online docu-series himself. The only thing he didn’t do was present it... honestly, the man is one of the hardest workers I know.

Which brings me to now. Obviously I’ve been running this blog and Instagram for a while now and always wanted to do more with it... but with him being out the house 12 hours a day in London I couldn’t. Well, problem solved, now he’s stuck here with me all the time 🤗 so after some persuading, he agreed to help me film some content for a brand who gifted me some items and... it worked?

We worked together well? The finished product looks great? The horse shots were great? The brand were really happy? It only took a few days from start to end (once we managed to get clean, sound ponies with good weather and not breaking covid restrictions! Quite a hard thing to master!)? ... we didn’t fall out?! Amazing 🤯

So, I put it in my Instagram and... well... it looks really good. Feel free to check it out here or the full brand version here. I mean, I never thought it wouldn’t, he’s very talented, but I’m very not confident in putting myself out there like that and actually, he made it so good and easy that I could and it worked. Bloody hell. Only took us 7 years to get here but two videos of 90 seconds and I just have so many idea of what I want to do with him.

So yeah, it’s very exciting! He finally agreed to work with me so I’m looking at how and what and prices and approaching companies etc... but I honestly think we could create some fab stuff together, I just have to keep him on side and remember not to be too bossy 🙈

So, two big achievements of 2021 so far: I massively stepped out of my comfort zone today by putting my own face/name/voice to the content I create (huge win for me! More on this another time)... and hopefully we have a business venture together. Which combines everything we love... horses for me, film for him and... each other? Cute, I know, I make myself sick too.

So please keep your fingers crossed for me, let’s see where it goes eh? 🤞

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