• Vic

Analysing my XC rounds - Part 2

Updated: Oct 26

So today we have part 2 of my series of analysis of my XC rounds, using these fantastic bits of footage from Equireel video :-)

Part 1 was our first ever BE90 competition, having only competed one BE80 and I think two unaffiliated events before, so it was a very exciting competition for us and the completions of one of my big goals with Zarry.

For part 2 I returned to Tweseldown to tackle their 3rd BE track of the season. Although, again, we didn't have the best score on paper I have found watching these videos back really helpful as you can definitely see an improvement!

I hope you enjoy the video, let me know any feedback!

So although we had 20 penalties once again, I was still thrilled to have continued with a relatively successful round at this level. Its a real shame that the 2020 eventing season has not been able to run but fingers crossed that this downtime and training will allow us to be very competitive in 2021!

Part 3 to come soon :-)