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Analysing my XC rounds - Part 1

So, today is April 23rd, 2020... this time, one year ago exactly, I put in my entry for our first BE90 together!

This was a really exciting moment for us... I had always hoped and dreamed of doing BE80 with Zarry as he has never been the easiest of horses and I thought that was a tough but realistic dream. So, in 2018 we completed an UA70 and two UA80 events, which was wonderful and I was very very proud of us.

After doing our first BE event at Munstead (perfect venue for anyone needing a confidence building first event, by the way!) we realised there were no more BE80's until much later in the season. With this in mind and the encouragement of my trainer, we headed to Tweseldown to have a ride over their flagged track left from their recent BE event. This is another great thing to do, if you want to move up a level but aren't sure then schooling around a flagged track with a trainer can really help you assess if you're ready and troubleshoot any potential problems in a track at that new level. So we went, he jumped fab (picture slideshow!), and there we go... I entered by first BE90 the next day!

Now unsuprisingly, it didn't go perfectly and we had a quite a large finishing score. However, I was thrilled beyond belief. To celebrate the occasion I bought myself an Equireel video! If you haven't seen these, Equireel film every jump on course, all day, and if you order on they edit it together so you get a full video of your round, from start box to finish flags! I love them. I have three. and this inspired today's post!

So whilst I'm bored in isolation, and exactly one year on from such an exciting day for us, I have watched back my three Equireel videos and done a commentary on them! My riding, how Zarry was and how I reflect on it now. So... video below... I hope you enjoy :-)

So there we have it! My first BE90 XC round in full! I hope you enjoyed my commentary... it was really interesting watching back and seeing how much we have changed and grown in the three events we did at this level in 2019. The plan for 2020 was a full season at BE90 to perfect and get competitive... obviously that's not happening right now but I hope that with training over lockdown (and fingers crossed some competitions at some point!) we can improve and really nail this level of competition.

I will edit up my next two rounds and hopefully (if you like this one!) you'll enjoy seeing the difference too... at least doing this makes it feel a bit more like competition season!

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