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Content is so important for any brand or social media presence, whether you are a business or an individual. Social media is a visual medium and so how you present yourself/your brand visually is the key thing to draw in new audiences.

One of the key parts of visual media that people often find inaccessible at a high quality level is video. It takes huge amounts of skill and expensive equipment to create high quality video content, which means that to a lot of small businesses or individuals it isn't something that can be easily achieved.

Enter... me :-)

As a marketing professional, I understand what is needed and what works on social media.

As an equestrian, I understand the market and this world... how it differs from other industries.

As the partner (in life and work!) of an incredibly talented cameraman, editor and animator, I have the means to get it all made! Lucky me!

So if you're looking for video content, whether that be filmed or animated, then get in contact and I'll do my best to help you. I can advise on campaigns, organic and paid social media, create video ideas with you... even provide human and horse models to feature in them if you need!

For any information on content creation, get in touch.
To see more examples of video content, created by me and my lovely team click here.
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